Whether you’re starting a business, or have been running a business for some time, growth – especially profit growth – is essential to your success.

And sustained business growth is more than cost vs sales. To establish and maintain a healthy business you need to:

Economic analyst, Dr Keith Carpenter, has more than 40 years experience helping businesses and corporates better understand their financial position and risk profiles.

Unlike an accountant who “looks back” at financial performance, an economic analyst “looks forward” toward business optimisation.

An economist works as a problem solver for your business. Discover how you can leverage the strengths and minimise the weaknesses of your business to build your future success.

Business areas serviced

Get targeted advice for growing your business, from feasibility studies and funding through to selling/exiting your business or expanding into franchising your operation. More →

Develop the right strategies and gain valuable insights into operating in foreign markets, identifying future opportunities, and managing a range of risks, both locally and internationally. More →