Projects involving longer-term issues.

 ‘Where do we go from here?’ and ‘How do we get there?’

What are the longer-term implications of this issue for our business?

Acquisitions overview

  • Merger and Acquisitions taskforce

Strategic issues analysis

  • Organised sale process of a key business
  • Strategic advice to a small business considering its future options
  • Note for a senior executive: Future of the Australian financial system

Asset sales

  • Organised divestment adviser to sell major asset in accord with client’s timetable

Expansion analysis

  • Revisit a major acquisition opportunity: Identify possible alternative approaches
  • Criteria necessary for bank to achieve growth by acquisition internationally
  • Project on an appropriate investment banking strategy in UK and Europe
  • Developed an acquisition target list

Policy-related issues

  • Evaluation of a major subsidiary to determine possible synergies and future options
  • Issues related to expanding the bank’s product range in New Zealand
  • Investigated possible separate incorporation of New Zealand branches
  • Strategic issues related to a potential major upheaval in New Zealand financial system
  • Strategic implications of potential major changes to financial system in Australia and New Zealand

Client-defined analytical projects

  • Identified areas for improvement in management skills for NGO members of ONCAN [Oriental Negros Children’s Advocacy Network, The Philippines]
  • Worked with ONCAN members to improve their funding proposal writing skills
  • Assisted with proposal writing as a part of capacity building for staff of an NGO (Indonesia)
  • Export Finance and Insurance Corporation [EFIC]: Future directions (A major paper) (The Treasury, Canberra)
  • Measures to counteract motor vehicle theft (The Treasury, Canberra)

Quantitative analysis

  • Analysis of building societies’ market share

Target analysis

  • Investigate the possible acquisition of a significant USA regional bank
  • Analysis and initial negotiation to acquire Seoul branch of a major USA bank
  • Background work on the acquisition of major player in the London gold market
  • Analysis and negotiation as part of the steps necessary to acquire major international bank
  • Analysis of USA bank acquisition possibility


  • Valued a client’s key business prior to sale
  • Opportunity to acquire the Asian branch network of a leading international bank
  • Managed offer and negotiation process for a small branch network in Asia

Country risk

  • Developed a presentation on the Cambodian economy (Cambodia)
  • Papua New Guinea: a country assessment (The Treasury, Canberra)
Strategic Planning