Projects involving economic analysis or using economics skills.

Some projects also involved extensive use of quantitative skills.

Compliance and reporting issues

  • Designed system to monitor real estate prices during period of rapidly rising prices (Cambodia).
  • EFT [Electronic Funds Transfer]: Treasury/TPC [Trade Practices Commission] report on disputes resolution (The Treasury, Canberra).
  • Participated in the annual prudential meeting with the Reserve Bank of Australia.
  • Designed a reporting suite for credit risk portfolio management system (China).

Country risk analysis

  • Designed a presentation on the Cambodian economy for ongoing internal use(Cambodia).
  • Report: ‘Papua New Guinea: a country assessment’ (The Treasury, Canberra).


  • Oversight of Economic unit’s contributions to CDRI’s [Cambodia Development Resource Institute] publication programme (monthly, quarterly and annual publications).

Policy-related issues

  • Papers written
    • ‘Trade in services policy’ (The Treasury, Canberra).
    • ‘Partly-paid shares’ (The Treasury, Canberra).
    • ‘Options markets’ (The Treasury, Canberra).
    • Investigated a proposal to join the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) (The Treasury, Canberra).

Client-defined analytical projects

  • Trade in services policy (The Treasury, Canberra).
  • Issues with retail banking in USA.
  • Analysis of a USA regional economy.
  • UK non-bank financial intermediaries.

Quantitative analysis

  • Constructed a Daily Consumer Price Index using prices reported in a daily newspaper (Cambodia).
  • Developed a system to analyse monthly Consumer Price Index data in a period of very high inflation (Cambodia).
  • Developed an approach to make the ‘Liquidity Framework’ analysis fully operational (Cambodia).
  • Developed an Effective Exchange Rate Index (Cambodia).
  • Rebuilt a Provincial Basic Consumer Price Index for Cambodia.