Technical Writing – when clarity and precision matter

Creating clear, concise documents is something management or staff may lack the time or experience to do.

A technical writer has the time, resources and experience to develop a wide range of documents, reports and manuals to meet a number of requirements.

These may include:

  • funding applications
  • policy recommendations to senior management and boards
  • drafting instructions for legislation
  • briefing notes for ministers and ministerial committees

  • submissions to parliamentary inquiries

  • country reports relating to economic issues

  • templates for routine management reports

  • operational policy and procedure manuals for training or compliance purpose

Depending on your technical writing requirements, an experienced technical writer can also conduct detailed research, make an in-depth study of potential outcomes, and list options and recommendations for action.

This not only allows management to devote time to other operational matters but also provides them with the information needed to make better decisions or to effectively present their case.